How you should to have a positive attitude to life!

In any situation that arises, we can choose how we interpret it. In order to help ourselves along the way, we can ask ourselves the question: "Is it worth spending a lot of negative energy on this?" In most cases, the answer is probably no.

Those who choose to look at life from the bright side has an ability to sniff up the positive in life, and thus avoids the stress and pressure that may arise if you get stuck in negative thinking, and best of all: It's never too late to change their way of thinking! The brain is open to change and can learn new things throughout life. It's about learning to enjoy the good things in life, and not be weighed down by the negative. Small positive thinking makes a big difference. Life goes up and down and it is about how we relate to successes and setbacks.

But whatever we think we obviously can not prevent us suffer heavy losses and illnesses. The causes of the disease are complex and there is no reason to believe that one's illness is because they have been too negative in life. 

When we are in crisis should we allow ourselves to grieve. There is nothing positive to try to jump over the sadness, the need to take the time it needs. But how does one not to be eaten up by worry and grief if they or someone close to becoming seriously ill? Of course you can be sad, but it's enough to talk about the disease for five minutes every day, and then try to focus on positive things in life. I think that you feel even worse by just focusing on the problems.

Our thoughts affect the brain in much the same way as when we learn things. If we are constantly thinking negative thoughts intercepts brain them up and send out signals to the body that make us feel bad.